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Young farmer
At the age of four, Gavin Clark knew the names of each one of his neighbour's cows. By ten, he was selling milk and cheese to other neighbours, and was winning prizes at farm shows. Now, at thirteen, he still loves farming and has his own animals. Presents for Gavin are not a problem – every year he gets another animal from his parents and brother.
Gavin's father, Steven, works for an international company and travels all over the world. Gavin has visited many exciting places in Europe with his father. But he is much happier spending each weekend working on his neighbour's farm! Steven's company wanted him to move to Portugal with the family. Everyone liked the idea of living in a new country – but not Gavin! He said he wouldn't leave his animals!
In his free time, Gavin plays tennis and football. He goes out with his friends and enjoys computer games, just like other teenagers. But every morning, he gets up at half past five to give his animals food and water, before he goes to school. His parents want him to go to college and get a diploma when he is sixteen. 'Let's wait and see,' he says, 'because I will have my own farm by then!'


1) Gavin's family never know what presents to give him.

    Right (   ) Wrong (   ) Doesn't say (   )

2) Steven enjoys working in different countries.

    Right (   ) Wrong (   ) Doesn't say (   )

3) On Saturdays and Sundays, Gavin has a job near his home.

    Right (   ) Wrong (   ) Doesn't say (   )

4) Gavin didn't agree with his parents about moving to Portugal.

    Right (   ) Wrong (   ) Doesn't say (   )

5) Gavin is too busy with his animals to have any other hobbies.   

    Right (   ) Wrong (   ) Doesn't say (   )

6) Mr and Mrs Clark get up at the same time as Gavin in the morning.

    Right (   ) Wrong (   ) Doesn't say (   )

7) Gavin has decided to study for a diploma at college.

    Right (   ) Wrong (   ) Doesn't say (   )


You want to ask your English friend, Paul, to come to your party on Saturday.
Type 25–35 words.


•    why you are having the party.
•    where the party will be.    
•    what Paul should bring to the party.








read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of some of the lines to form a word that fits in the gap in the same line.


A 13-year-old girl from Durban has become the __________1

person to have had a ______________2 accepted by the 

3 ________________respected South African Medical Journal. 

Safura Karim _______________4 did her research into ‘PlayStation® Thumb’ as part of a school project. It gives details of the injuries that many of her schoolmates _______________5 suffer from, and which are 

caused by the ___________6 use of computer games for hours and hours. Safura thinks that computer games are ___________7 and does not own a PlayStation herself.

She said that she was ________________8 to hear that her article had been accepted by the journal. She comes from a ___________9 family – her parents are both ___________10 , and she is hoping to become a doctor. 


read the text below. Use the word given in capitals to form a word that fits in the gap.


Rising crime?

In recent months there has been a growing __________13 among the general public that crime in this country is on the increase. __________14 newspaper headlines imply that somebody is being murdered around every corner, but the __________15 simply doesn’t add up. The truth is that crimes such as __________16 have declined considerably in the last year, suggesting that contrary to public opinion, the nation is not as __________17 as some appear to believe, and not everybody is living next door to a violent __________18 . There has been some fairly 19 action by the police. In a __________20 move last year, they initiated a policy of getting tough on persistent young offenders, and they have had a __________21 amount of success in this area. Moreover, the __________22 of more policemen on the streets has almost certainly kept crime levels low.


Choose the most suitable headings for the paragraph A from the list of headings given.

The coral reefs of Agatti Island
A  Agatti is one of the Lakshadweep Islands off the south-west coast of India. These islands are surrounded by lagoons and coral reefs which are in turn surrounded by the open ocean. Coral reefs, which are formed from the skeletons of minute sea creatures, give shelter to a variety of plants and animals, and therefore have the potential to provide a stream of diverse benefits to the inhabitants of Agatti Island. 

Paragraph A

(   ) Island legends

(   ) Resources for exchange

(   ) Competition for fishing rights

(   ) The low cost of equipment

(   ) Agatti’s favourable location

(   ) Rising income levels

(   ) The social nature of reef occupations

(   ) Resources for islanders’ own use

(   ) High levels of expertise

(   ) Alternative sources of employment

(   ) Resources for earning money

(   ) Social rights and obligations

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